Winsun is the first high-tech company in the world which truly achieves 3D printing architecture's future

Since 2002, Winsun focuses on the R&D, design, production, sales of 3D printing, forming 5 products series. Winsun was the first company that invented GRG in China ( Special glass fiber reinforced gypsum board) in 2002, invented SRC in 2006 ( Special glass fiber reinforced cement), invented FRP in 2006 ( Special glass fiber composite material), invented 3D printing crazy magic stone in the world in 2007 (Natural stone that goes beyond nature) and achieved architecture 3D printing house in the world during 2008 - 2018.







Our Products

3D printing architecture

3D printing architecture is a technology that build physical structures by the way of gradually increasing building materials. In construction industry, 3D printing architecture is printed automatically by machine equipment with special printing ink , which has met the construction standard and has practical function......

Crazy Magic Stone

Crazy magic stone is a new “stone” developed for many years by Winsun and produced through an assembly line. The materials of crazy magic stone are environmentally friendly and free of 


SRC ( Special Reinforced Concrete) is developed by Winsun for the building personalization, which is customized product. SRC is applied to various heterosexual decoration construction of internal and external building. It makes 


GRG, special glass fiber reinforced gypsum, is mainly applied in the internal decoration of grand theatre, stadium, conference hall, commercial complex, high-end club, hotel, sales office.


FRP ( fiber reinforced plastic) is a indoor and outdoor personalized customized materials developed by Winsun to meet the project's large heterosexual furniture, applied in the production of personalized furniture, landscape and functional products.


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